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Christopher Terry is the CEO and Founder of International Markets Live, Inc (also known as iMarketsLive). He is a very successful trader and speaker who educates others on how to follow in his footsteps. He began trading full-time in as well as working as an educator on the live markets Christopher Terry is the President & CEO of iMarketsLive, and has been a full-time trader and educator since in the Futures, Forex, and Equity Markets. During this time, Chris has 13/05/ · Founder & CEO, Christopher Terry is a multiple 8 figure trader and has been trading & educating in the Forex, Futures, and Equity markets since Chris has been a 20/09/ · Chris Terry is a small syringe of a man that instead of douching the vagina, has discovered it far more profitable to wiggle his syringe into the pockets of unsuspecting posts. K followers. following. Chris Terry. CEO of IM mastery academy. • Trader • Investor • Philanthropist. Educate, Empower, and Elevate Others ... read more

Terry claims the software is for anyone and works to educate those who are completely new to forex, how to trade like professionals. In , people from all over the world who have benefited from his mentorship came together in a video to wish him a happy birthday. Many talked of the personal bond they had developed with Chris as their mentor and how much they appreciate his guidance.

Christopher Terry has mentioned in interviews that he has a very limited educational background and gained all he needed to know in what some would describe as the University of life! Growing up in the Bronx, he learned how to be street smart, and this experience toughened him enough to gain a headstrong attitude.

This set him up very well for a career in business, especially trading, that requires a thick skin and a lot of nerve. Fellow business owner and entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar also had very few qualifications, leaving school at 16 and working from the bottom up. He worked in the field for 12 years and quickly worked his way up, using his on-the-ground knowledge to create his own company within construction. Whilst he was working hard creating a successful business, he was also educating himself about the markets.

So, after that incredibly lucrative 3 rd year, he waved goodbye to construction and became a full-time trader. Whilst owning a business can be very rewarding, it can also take a lot of hours, while trading offers a much more appealing life-to-work balance. He began at a junior level in CPSS in January as a Loan Officer and worked his way up to become the Senior Vice President of the company. He has held this position since A Forex broker accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in client deposits…via credit cards.

Only to later discover that the credit card numbers were illegally obtained, and illegally charged by this so-called Forex and Futures trading educator named Chris Terry. Pretty much required reading material for all aspiring traders. Essentially, the book is a collection of stories about supposedly famous traders. And how they made their fortunes trading the markets. In spite of this, the book is an excellent read.

In particular, there is a chapter about a lady trader named Linda Raschke. Yes, Linda is a real trader. And a very good trader at that. Long story short…after the book was published, Linda Raschke became the darling of the day trading educational scene. She eventually opened a day trading room, where hundreds of people paid a boatload of money to learn her supposed trading secrets. Her business partner and trading room moderator was a guy named, Chris Terry. Another supposedly super-trader that made millions of dollars day trading.

A lot of my readers adore and admire Linda Rachke. Sorry to burst your bubble, my friends. But her live trading room was a financial disaster, and a lot of people were burned. Screen shot below confirms her partnership with Chris Terry. She went back to full-time trading, successfully managing a hedge fund, and being a good citizen. What about Chris Terry? He went into MLM or Multi Level Marketing.

But not just any Multi Level Marketing, he helped promote a company named Zeek Rewards now defunct. The scheme was wildly successful.

Pyramid investment schemes are remarkably easy to sell and market. It relies upon the trust and friendship of a close acquaintance. They are essentially social viruses that prey upon our herd mentality. All pyramid investment schemes eventually collapse. One of two things will eventually happen, either you run out of fools, or the authorities shut it down. In this case, the SEC shut this one down. This scheme was shut down in August So what does Chris Terry do next?

Just start another investment fraud. After Chris Terry ripped off customers in his fraudulent securities scheme named Zeek Rewards. Within a few months, he launched a brand new investment scheme named iMarkets Live and FX Signals Live. What is iMarkets Live and FX Signals Live? Its just another Zeke Rewards!

But with an interesting new twist. Essentially, it is a live trading room that delivers trading signals for Forex and Futures markets. How are people doing trading room and auto-trading signal service? Not so good. In fact, the situation has become so egregious that Forex brokers are contacting TradingSchools.

Org, asking that we write something about this con artist. Of course, Chris Terry would have you believe otherwise. In fact, his website heartily proclaims:. Step one. Step two. The fool is recommended to open a trading account with a Forex and CFD Contracts For Difference broker in which Chris Terry receives a kick back on all trading volume. Step three. The fool is lured into the auto trading program. Approximately half of the fools will randomly make money because the trading signals are binary.

Step four. The fool that is lucky enough to make money is pitched the pyramid scheme. The fool contacts his family and friends and tells them about these amazing trading signals. This is the exact same business model of Zeke Rewards. As long as a greater fool exists…the scheme continues. At some point, you have to wonder—who would be foolish enough to fall for this stuff?

But then I think about my own past history of running scams and hustles. FX Signals Live: Chris Terry pitching his BS to a room full of suckers. Getting to this post late, but I can confirm that the LBR chatroom posted calls that on the whole lost money consistently, at least during the time I followed it, from to It would not surprise me if the methods to her pattern-based trading had worked well for her over the years.

But as trading became dominated by computer algorithms and HFT, these patterns seemed to fail more often. Go get a job you little shit heads instead of scamming.

This entire era of social media BS and gurus has to come to an end. i joined to imarkets 4 months ago and is not what you said. Pleanty of guys teaching his methods in a honest way. Very useful.

I joined up for the use of swipetrades but only lost money. There is good information for learning but its heavily reliant on software which makes it easy enter in this fast paced world. I learnt a lot but also lost alot. Its over priced and a massive pyramid scheme. All the chat groups only show winning trades and screen shots.

no losing trades which certainly makes you try harder. Most are from demo accounts and not live. Many so called winning trades are from the Web Analyser which is a form of scalping. very small profits and certainly not a good form of trading I liked the Harmonic Scanner and at first sight thought it was really accurate.

When i started losing I noticed that the entry points would change after I would enter and the trade would stop out. Failed trades would not appear on the previous history giving a false impression that it was very accurate only winning trades would show or the scanner would re adjust to compensate for a poor entry signal I constantly lost money over 3 months and wish I had the money back in my account.

Swipetades had hit and miss weeks. I think it really comes down to aggressive money management. You are not going to get rich off this! learn yourself and save the monthly subscription for your own trading. Buyer beware!! The review started rally good. Them all the bad words and insults came in más the objectivity thrown away. Seems more an emotional review than an impartial one.

So bad and so hard to believe a review like this…. You mentioned that Chris Terry was apart of the ZeekReward Scam. Do you have any other proof that he was apart of that scam and that FX Signals Live and iMarkets Live resembles ZeekReward? Where was the real review of iMarkets Live?

Have you used the Fusion Trader, SwipeTrades, IML Academy, IML TV, Harmonic Scanner, Daily Swing Trades, or FX Signals? Sure Chris Terry has some shady past, but not every direct marketing company is a pyramid scheme. There is a very transparent list of each of the traders, their open trades, past trades and profit simulator. This is NOT a review at all.

An honest review of such a scheme implies to sign up, perhaps for the money back warranty time only, and grab useful information. not surprising coming from the lbr shamshow empire, imo. Emmett, when I saw that you were finally going to a review of this course, I was really happy.

I have had a co-worker, that I has been with iml for about 8months. He is more focused on the mlm side instead of the trading side. I wanted a review of the products that they are using by someone, like you, that goes in and get the real story.

I was hoping that you would have done a review from the standpoint of using the tools yourself, to see if they really work. I appreciate the history lesson on Chris Terry, but a by the numbers review that you do of their products would be really nice. IML is scamming people worldwide ,Emmett I hope your review reaches far and wide.

Chris terry is a cornball charlatan. Was it the repeated references to the other fufu MLM clown, previously featured on Trading Schools? I have been following this MLM-niche for the past year and made some observations that I thought were relevant. There is some serious fufu-ness going on in this niche. People want answers, I was hoping my comment would spur some additional debate and research among the trading community. This is a rough venue. People should be able to express themselves.

Even the most offensive and vulgar trolls have a home here. Readers should be able to quickly mute and ignore the voices they do not enjoy, and attempt to extract value from the voices that have something of value. These groups make money by broker sign-ups and deals. I know of one who specifically tells people to fund a forex account using a credit card.

This particular broker accepts the credit card and uses a front company for this purpose. It would be interesting why this broker is not strictly following any KYC or AML policy.

Perhaps it is a hit-piece from a competitor. Right now Chris Terry is making a ton of money just from sign-ups alone. Ltd had recently broke ranks from Kaizen and ran to IML with THOUSANDS of people. Disclosure: I was in IML for months in the summer of As of this date of publication, I have no affiliation with IML or Chris Terry or Linda Raschke. So, I am not disputing the veracity of this review — but I think that more verification of the claims is necessary.

BTW, Whatever happened to Kaizen Global? Whatever happened to Reza Mokhtarian? We need a followup! Linda Raschke I know for a fact is as dumb as a box of hammers. She was a regular on Top Step when my son had to listen to that garbage for his funded account. She is in the same camp as Woodie, Brooks, and Dalton. They been around long enough to have thousands of old farts who remember them and think they know what their doing because the been around and have grey hair….

Emmett, I am impressed of your scalping numbers back in That is, you had more skills than just scamming OPM. I would be very grateful if you reviewed Jigsaw. It really is puzzling without an unbiased review. I remember reading about LBR many years ago in the Market Wizards book. I am confused, was she ever profitable? I guess a trader does well then they sell out to hock their wares to the retail public.

I have to reread her history because I always wondered about her after she became a regular on the retail vending circuit. Can someone clear this up for me? was she the real deal that just decided to sell books instead? Many of these great are complete fakes, but some made a lot of money on one lucky trade and just lost everything after that.

But they ride that one lucky trade like there is no tomorrow and never mentioned that ever since they have done nothing but lose money.

Like one person with a lucky copper trade. Some will know who I am talking about. Just think of the folks that made a fortune during the NASDAQ bubble but then lost it all. They make a fortune during the bubble write and book even thought the then lost it all. As far as Linda goes I cannot imagine a top ranted hedge fund manager doing the nonsense crap she talks about. Seriously could you imagine David Tepper doing day trading webinars?????

BTW I have gotten many great ideas off Tepper advice. He rode that fame and early rep, until the truth was completely opposite where all his investments since, mostly failed, and his brokerage, the new mega office and his property was turned into a massive ponzi and literal cut and paste with shredders shown in his fed seized house, and stymieing electronic audit for years.

You can still link to other pages still hosted on the cordoned server through archive. Which just goes to show you how bad it is to average down. That was sweet how he stumbled all over himselfas JamesII. Yeah I know he read every word in my posts on this thread and could see the refrences to them without saying guttysnipe this time. It exists, all that disguting history of his on these comments exists and nothing will change that fact.

I told you that you reek of Brooks disease warmly as a fellow victim, you chose to be a Brooks shill as the comments show. I too have been suffering from the Brooks disease for years. Pete, Brooks is a parasite and should be ashamed of himself especially after taking the hippocratic oath as a doctor.

Personally, I believe this blog could use some vitriol towards the scammers that deserve it. Anyway, I enjoy reading about your distaste for the man, just as long as you are using that in a constructive manner. No one should be attacked personally on this blog, but if one disagrees then by all means let everyone know. He had a long history of attacking me personally MikeM. Let not tradingschools history forget.

If Pete wants to truly reform then he needs to stop guttysniping in reaction to my posts. Anyone can see back then you picked a fight with me liar in the most disgusting insults from the beginning. and troll ridiculous statements of starting a trading room in an attempt to call me or RobB a shill which I defended RobB about the free too. Dang, this liar will say anything to change the past even say crap supporting shills to try to tear me and others down from behind alters.

dtchurn I hear you and hope to hear more about your experiences. I truly enjoy the discussions on strategy along with con men being taken down. Yes, we have done vitriol to other review scams when it was called for MikeM and I agree others who had been scammed should join also. He did not send his own CFTC complaint yet. I had long ditched Brooks long before I even discovered Tradingschools. All I said was my past years ago impression of reading his book that he was like a detailed professor like researcher even though he was scammer.

If you want to give him a chance, I respect that as you had not seen the crap he tried to get away with in the hundreds of posts. The links I posted are only a small sampling of the other outrageous crude crap of this gollum. And then he lies about it even after having been caught by Stray , myself and others.

Plus the new alters taking snipes. I was willing to let it all go, but then I saw the new posts and saw the references to my posts, and then the new snipes but the recent JamesII alter. You are just a more well faked mannered baboon as Cyn so artfully put it back then, with your latest alter, LOL. Here are the links again , pathetic you posted far away from the links LOL. I missed this one by Rob B about David Tepper. He is certainly the real deal with billions under management.

Think about a successful hedge fund manager such as David Tepper, would he be talking about scalp trades to retail on a forum. A trader that earns millions trading the market would not go on a lecture circuit to sell services. The time spent pitching material would cost a successful trader a ton of money.

OK, where is your proof to back up your poorly written post? In fact I can only draw 3 conclusions. Did you not know anyone that made a lot of money betting on some high flying tech stock during the NASDAQ bubble to then just lose it all.

If not there have been so many articles written about it both individuals and funds that did just that. Seriously do you have some mental disease where you forget what happened yesterday like the movie 50 first dates. The problem is it is impossible to have an intelligent conversation with someone that is a complete moron or bing willfully stupid.

I could write a book on the number of people that made it rich off a trade or even a series of trades then became famous and then lost it all and yet you never hear of one such person.

I will pick someone that was sooooooooo much in the news you have to have been brain dead not to have heard what happened. Of course the problem is no matter what I write you will just respond with a willfully stupid post, so I will just respond back to your future idiotic post with the same image I am including in this post.

So hear goes. You are telling me you lived under a rock and never hear of John Paulson? I will include a link to one of many articles about him and his fund. But being it is obvious you are to illiterate to read I will try explain what happened in 1st grade simple bullet like English so you can understand.

I am just going to leave it at that for the new readership to be aware of this guy flaps both sides of any issue just like the shills and shams and also uses alters showing the scammer-like disgusting lack of integrity, lack of respect for commenters who contribute the best to the ts comments,all in order to snipe out of spite and to try to rewrite the comment history.

Good use of the Cyn baboon pic Rob. DTChump IMO and his many alias are clearly associated with a vendor and will post anything to harass anyone that calls out these con artist TR, because they effect the number of suckers he is able to con.

I cannot remember him ever making any informative post. Churn — Your posts would make so much more sense if you actually wrote in proper English.

I thought English was your first language — guess not. Wow, having lost all the arguments and now jumping to insane unrelated imaginary delusions gollumepiet. Stop pretending to be someone other than your own gollummy self. To me, it just goes to show the depth of which gollumpiet is willing to sputter for the shills as drchump, both sides of his mouth , and the alters mainly out of childish trollspit-e, which long invalidates any credibility or trustworthiness in his posting.

No, no CFTC complaint was sent. And as i know, she wrote only one book and that is over 25 years ago. Please do not start throwing all traders and services of the trading scene into the same bucket.

Familiar with Linda but know nothing about her hedge fund. Maybe she wrote that entry. I tried searching BarclaysHedge. com by her name and by LBRGroup as shown below and nothing came up. Here is the top in and no Linda there or maybe I missed it. I also checked Barrons and did not see it.

Can you point out which one is her fund or provide a link by a reputable place that ranks hedge funds where her fund is coming up in the top Again she may well be number 17 I just cannot find it. So please provide a link besides Wikipedia. Linda retired as a CPO and CTA in I looked at both Barclayshedge and Barrons and did not see her fund. Maybe it was under another name. If you have a link from a reputable rating source I would be curious.

I assume she must have made money but maybe not some point in time to have gotten so well known and in the Market Wizard book. If she never made a dime then I have to recant a statement I said and that was Ross was the greatest promoter, because if she never made any money she get the crown. I also found a PDF on a site for another fund where it shows her fund in the top 10 CTAs in Maybe trading the fund and the trading room was too much over time and so the unfortunate connection in hindsight with Chris Terry came about.

You really believe that?? Top hedge fund managers make hundreds of millions and even if the manager left they would just put another one trading the same method. Exactly RobB. the fund looks small at less than 50 mill. Perhaps it was ponzi-like. very few trades and more funding came in like Karen the supertrader boasted her fund went up from 20 mil to over mil. So when the investors demanded more returns and more trades, it bellied up quick and had to be closed. Maybe, but count me suspicious.

I just know how the world of investing works. If you had the 17th best performing hedge fund you would have so many investors pouring money in and you would not be some person going around doing day trading webinars and certainly not be closing your hedge fund. And when I search for that amazing hedge fund I would find lots articles instead of virtually nothing.

The whole things smells fishy to me. Others can do their own research and come to their own conclusions. I only participated in this topic because Emmett came to a completely crazy conclusion due lack of any thorough research whatsoever. sorry Emmett To his credit at least the penny has dropped. I think she most likely made money for a while to get portrayed in Market Wizards.

The only way that you are going to make money from imarketslive is to recruit others into this mlm. Most of the people when hear about mlm companies,without a second thought they connects it with scam or pyramid schemes. Well,with imarketslive,you are going nowhere. Yes,you can make few dollars here and there but it is not a long term business model. Morever,I am not fond of mlms. In this business,you have to generate leads for business owners,and when they make money,you will also make money.

Your comments make no sense — No,I will not say Imarketslive a scam,niether I can say that it is not a scam. Your spelling and grammar are extremely poor. How do you expect anyone to take your review seriously? His quote that you commented on means he thinks that the services that the company supplies is not a scam, though he does believe that the company is a scam in ways that the company make money on selling you a big bag of promises and not anything physical.

Oh and you forgot quotation marks around his quote Ms. Grammar 😹. It takes a lot of selling skills to do it, and most of is are not salesman. The problem with most, especially this day in age, everyone wants instant gratification. The failures are complaining. Happens in anything. Now, to IML. Is it different than most MLMs? Matter of fact, if you put in as much education as most people do 4 yrs college , I can almost guarantee your financial freedom.

Problem is, like I said before, most want instant gratification, so they are not willing to put in the time. Trading is a SKILL! Mr Proctor is even an educator of IM the actual company name. IM even has an educational platform to help you start your own company via e-commerce.

The teach you how to create a portfolio, or trade crypto currencies, as well as trade binary options. Where on earth can you find something like that?

Like I said, if you put in as much time, homework, and attendance of live education, I can almost guarantee your financial success. The MLM payments are just gravy. Compound your money, and their is no limits. A skill that needs to be learned. yesssssss i rread this review before joining and you can tell its from someone who didnt try it or wanted fast money. Thanks for your great article on iMarketslive.

I have seen a lot of complaints about this company and have done a little investigating on my own and I have come to the same conclusion as you. The company is more interested in the person recruiting others into the program rather than obtaining the Forex trading education. That is what most MLMs are interested in anyways. Much appreciated, Madison Lincoln. the platform is there, the educators have their sessions, recruiting its an extra that comes with the education. All MLMs are Ponzi Schemes or Pyramid Schemes!!

The only winners are the early entrants who recruit new members but gradually the schemes implode on themselves. MLMs are only for losers, as thats what will happen to the fees you are asked to spend once involved in these get rich schemes. If you are a real friend do not encourage you and yours to get involved with these shysters!! No,not all mlms are pyramid schemes. Some mlms are just mlms and pyramid and ponzi scheme thing is completely different from them as I explained it in this review.

Is basically a college that teaches you how to trade.

iMarkets Live is a one of a opportunity that combines Forex Trading , Wealth education, Trading signals and a share it profit share package that could be life changing. The CEO and founder of iMarkets Live is Christopher Terry , who has been a full-time trader since , 3 years after he first started trading.

Many people have asked questions about Chris Terry and want to know a bit more about the man behind this incredible offering that could get near enough anyone to earning a full-time income from 2 minutes of work a day. During this time, Chris has helped thousands of traders across the globe reach financial independence from both online Mentoring and Live Trading education.

Since , Chris has been a favourite speaker at many of the major derivative conferences, for Moneyshow. Over the years, he has built a worldwide following and has travelled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, speaking on the psychological approach to success and how to create financial independence. From a Penthouse in NYC or a small village in Ghana to the cities and towns of Czech Republic and Colombia, Chris has helped countless numbers of people raise their personal flags of Freedom and Financial Independence.

Chris was in construction both as a worker and eventually an owner for nearly 12 years. In , he discovered commodities trading and began to immerse himself in the markets. Construction offered Chris a great income, but no life; Trading offered a great income and a great lifestyle. There is no great reward without risk, time, and effort. Together, they provided one of the leading educational and Live Trading websites on the internet.

Since , Chris was the head moderator for the Equities and Futures Live Trading Rooms and operated the Swing Trading Charting Service. In August , Chris made the decision to leave Linda and his former team because although his career with Linda was amazing and rewarding, he realized his abilities and the future opportunities far outweighed his situation at that time.

Featured in: The Money Show : Invest Smarter, Trade Wiser SFO : Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine Hard Right Edge : Trading Skills For A New Generation Swing-trade-stocks : The Trader Business-Plan TigerShark Trading : Interview FXF1 : The Trading Game Optionetics. This is a 1 hour presentation but one well worth watching — you will soon come to realise the quality of leader and trader we have available to us via iMarkets Live.

I am personally using the full package at iMarkets Live and within the first 24 hours of setting it up I was in profit. If you want to take advantage of an opportunity where you and the people you know can make thousands from as little as 2 minutes works a day then this is something you need to look at.

You can get in touch with me at: LET ME KNOW MORE. Your email address will not be published. Who is Chris Terry of iMarkets Live. Home Past Programs Who is Chris Terry of iMarkets Live. Thus, International Markets Live , Inc. was born. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Christopher Terry – Net Worth, Wife (Isis De La Torre), Biography,NFT Games: How Can You Earn Money From Them?

Christopher Terry is the President & CEO of iMarketsLive, and has been a full-time trader and educator since in the Futures, Forex, and Equity Markets. During this time, Chris has 07/07/ · Her business partner and trading room moderator was a guy named, Chris Terry. Another supposedly super-trader that made millions of dollars day trading. Supposedly, $85 posts. K followers. following. Chris Terry. CEO of IM mastery academy. • Trader • Investor • Philanthropist. Educate, Empower, and Elevate Others Christopher Terry. Christopher Terry is 48 years old and he is also known as master is also the owner of insider trading. Net worth of christopher Terry is $million,these are 20/09/ · Chris Terry is a small syringe of a man that instead of douching the vagina, has discovered it far more profitable to wiggle his syringe into the pockets of unsuspecting AUTHOR: Christopher Terry DATE: OCT SUBJECT: Trader's Notebook. Request Information From Our Sponsors., Inc. Candle Patterns; Candlestick ... read more

Even the most offensive and vulgar trolls have a home here. intentionally looking like the I look forward to your TST experience. If I pass that, the sub is shut off and now all time in world to pass their next sim the FTP which is really about same thing. It seems that they are providing good education,but it is very hard to earn even bucks a month with this. If you want to give trading advice to a shill, drchump aka Pete, then stop using an unoriginal mockery of my id for starters. Many companies all over the world warned them and here are the screenshot.

Jay February 7, christopher terry trader, Christopher terry has 18 portfolio of customer trading services. No christopher terry trader. At the very least, you should create a plan for your time with TST. That is why I keep saying make a plan for your time with TST. IM even has an educational platform to help you start your own company via e-commerce.