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Download Clusters Chart MT4 for free Get the free version ELM_EA 🔥 More than % profit in 1 month 🛑No martingale 🗣️Community of users Totally automated strategy Best Rated EA Elon Musk EA - Best Scalping EA The trading strategies used in the robot are based on volume analysis. Evaluation by 16 indicators o Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4 16/01/ · This algorithm can be used on either the 1, 5 or 15 min timeframes across all major currency pairs. We believe this tool is perfect for intraday trading and aims to simplify the noise Download an Cluster indicator. Extract from the file rar or zip. copy Cluster mq4 to Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators / Start or restart your Metatrader Client Select chart and Samuel & Co. Cluster Algorithm ⋆ Top MT4 Indicators {mq4 & ex4} ⋆ Forex Trading Samuel & Co. Cluster Algorithm If this indicator is broken, 14/07/ · Download an Cluster indicator. Extract from the file rar or zip. Start or restart your Metatrader Client. Select chart and Timeframe where you want to test your indicator. Search ... read more

As a result, we have a flexibly customizable expert template and several good strategies for the trader to choose from, trading strategies will be constantly added, and the expert will remain relevant and will be in the top even after 10 years. In other words, by purchasing this product, you get a flexibly customizable Expert Advisor with constant support and up-to-date updates. Your strategies and wishes can be used in the revision. The Expert Advisor trades market and pending orders, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop are used to close trades.

They can be used for each order separately, for a basket of unidirectional or multidirectional orders. The grid of orders can be either with a fixed or with an expanding step and the volume of positions. The chart shows trade statistics. Stop loss, take profit and trailing stop can be both real and virtual not visible to the broker. The Expert Advisor is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners, you can even take a direct part in trading — open […].

As price evolves, a candle can switch between three states. When the candle first opens, if it sits completely within the previous candles high and low, then it will start as a Type 1. As time moves on, if it breaks either the high or low of the previous candle, it will be come a type 2, and should the price action be volatile and directionless, it may then break the opposite side of the previous candle and become a type 3.

Candles Each candle is defined by its relationship to the previous candle. Type 1 — Inside candle- The candle is entirely within the high and low of the previous candle. An inside candle shows the market is at a point of indecision.

Type 2 — Trending candle- The candle extends above or below either the High or low, but not both, of the previous candle. Type 3 — Outside candle- The candle has broken both the high and low of the previous candle. An outside candle shows price is broadening, producing higher highs and lower lows on […]. Quasimodo Indicator QM MT4 ADVANCE PRICE ACTION TRADING CONCEPT.

This is the demo version of the indicator. This version only shows patterns that have occurred in the past of the market for testing. Download the full version to find new signals that occur recently. Quasimodo is a reversal trading pattern that appears at the end of an uptrend.

As a price formation, the Quasimodo pattern is depicted by three peaks and two valleys, where: First, the middle peak is the highest, while the outside two peaks are of the same height. One of the advantages of the Quasimodo pattern is high win rate. The Quasimodo pattern is a rare occurrence in the market, to find more patterns it is better to run the indicator on a VPS and set put notification feature ON, to receive more signals.

Quasimodo Trading Setup Entry: As already discussed, when the price will give a pullback then it will pick unfilled orders and the key level here is the left shoulder level.

We will wait for the price to retrace to the left shoulder level and then we will enter. There is a good strategy here to add a supply and demand zone at the left shoulder level as an entry […].

PropFirm EA is a fully customized MT4 Proprietary trading Expert Advisor for FTMO, MFF and other prop firm. Suitable for FTMO Challenge, FTMO Evaluation and Funded, also works for MFF Evaluation and Rapid accounts.

set TF M5 UPDATE VER 1. The utility sends Alerts of all your indicators or Expert Advisors to the telegram channel group or personal message. There is no need to be at the terminal waiting for an alert from your indicator or adviser;2. Easy setup. If you want to test all the functions of this utility, please contact me and get this Expert Advisor for 1 month for FREE!

If it is necessary to add your language, please let me know. The utility works together with the AlertToFile indicator put the indicator in the Indicators folder Indicator: AlertToFile!!! The indicator and the Expert Advisor need to be installed on only one chart!!! Elliott Wave Helper is a panel for marking up a chart based on Elliott waves and building technical analysis. Allows you to build a wave analysis in a few clicks with the definition of the type and order of waves.

A special wave font is supported. To activate it, follow these steps: Download the font from the link: Run the font file on your computer and click install. In the indicator parameters, set the value Use circle font opposite the isFontCircle variable. Font size and fatness can also be adjusted from the panel. To build a technical analysis on the indicator […]. This EA trades using the Heiken Ashi indicator. From the name, you probably understood that this is related to hedging… right, of course.

A simple system, the expert opens two orders in the opposite direction to each other with a take profit. After one of the orders has reached take profit, of course, one order remains, and now the zone recovery system starts working with this order. After a model with overbought and oversold prices, a recovery occurs until the final take profit is reached… the end, and a new cycle begins again. Characteristic features. Nas power arrowNon-repaintWorks on all timeframes from the 1 minute to the monthly timeframeWorks best on Indices Such Nas, US30, GER30, SPXIndicator contains a histogram that indicates the power of the pair red color bearish power blue color bullish powerRed arrow plus red histogram color is a strong sell signal.

Blue arrow plus blue histogram color is a strong buy signal. Trade Dashboard, is a trade manager tool that is designed according to the basic principle of risk management, which is the key element of successful trading, This dashboard, as a trade assistant tool, helps manual traders make better decisions in shorter time.

Please Message me after purchase for support. Please let me know if you need any other features to be added in the product, I am open to any suggestion and I want you to get the best experience from working with my products. Common Features: User friendly design and easy to use.

Saving dashboards as a chart template. Set desired values on the setting and open with the same setting each time. Supports any trading instrument currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, […].

BOOSTER FOR MT4 is a professional scalping advisor for daily work on the FOREX currency market. In trading, along with experience, traders usually come to understand that the accumulation levels of stop orders, price and time play a significant role in the market. This FOREX Expert Advisor implements this strategy, and I hope that you will not only enjoy using this product, but also take part in its development — leaving your feedback with wishes here!

To check the commission, the adviser will immediately open a deal with a minimum lot for the symbol. This will happen only 1 time. Traces of these battles can be used in technical analysis to manage risks and search for trading opportunities. ADX Pro IndicatorThis Indicator Are Advanced Pro ADX Indicator Multi Time Frame Are Same WindowMulti Currency Are Same WindowsAll Time Frame And All Currency ADX Strenght Are Same Window Monitring You Will Add Manully All Currency Pairs , And Metel , And Also Crypto CurrencyExample : EURUSD , GBPUSD, USDJPY ….

Etc , Metel : XAUUSD , XAGUSD … Etc , Crypto : BTCUSD, ETHUSD… EtcVideo. We have tried to optimise Calmed Expert Advisor for Gold but works with any other forex pairs and stocks. This expert uses martingale optionally for recovery. Please, backtest for at least 1 year and run a demo for at least one whole month before going live; that way, you will know how the Calmed Expert Advisor behaves across the various markets.

Please do not just purchase and start using the EA, as past performance cannot guarantee future results. Backtest results may be different in live accounts as well. Please risk only funds you can afford to lose. EA Calmed Gold. TIO BBands is a trend Scalper. The Expert Advisor determines the trend by moving averages and ADX. Then he looks at the signals of bo BB and RSI.

All trades have Stops and Takes. This is not a historical grail, it is an adviser for professionals who understand that there are no grails in Forex. The Expert Advisor has the ability to enable Martingale for a series of unprofitable trades, or for each trade. The Expert Advisor is very quickly optimized and tested at opening prices, since it works at opening prices.

Timeframe: M5 Base currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY. Additional currency pairs: GBPUSD. The minimum deposit is 50 High risk. Average deposit — Average risk. Safe deposit — Minimum risk. After buying EA, be sure to write to me in private messages, I will add you to a private group and I will send you the installation files and additional detailed instructions. I am ready to help each buyer install and configure the Expert Advisor.

If you have never used Expert Advisors before, I will show and teach you how to use them. EA TESTING: Use the fast MT5 tester to accurately test the EA on all recommended pairs.

This EA is a breakthrough EA. When the monitoring market changes rapidly, fluctuates rapidly in one direction, and exceeds the set threshold, the EA will quickly place an order and quickly adopt a mobile stop loss strategy to complete capital preservation and profitability. Advantages of this EA: 1.

The transaction is very fast to the closing of the position, and it is never procrastinated. After the transaction, the accuracy rate is very high. Place an order with compound interest, and the income will grow rapidly. Disadvantages of this EA: 1. extremely demanding traders. Requirements for traders: 1. Upside Down is a powerful indicator that gives the perfect trading opportunities and a clear indication of the market. Upside Down has been created to be as simple as possible. Arrows are calculated based on ASC Trend and customs indicators.

Signals appear without delay at the end of a candle, if it has tested the level. The signals do not overdraw. This is another Arrow Indicator to show the instant direction of the Market. the later is recommended! you can use it on Automatic Experts too. Entry at the breakdown of daily volatility.

Exit by trailing stop. The function of restoring the deposit after a drawdown. No risky strategies. There is a version of this robot for the MT5 Day and Trail MT5 platform The entry is performed in case of a breakdown of the extreme of the previous day.

This usually happens when market volatility increases, so in the event of a breakdown, the price goes a considerable distance. The robot tracks such movements and makes a profit on them. In this algorithm, the take profit is infinite, and as the price moves, a trailing stop is performed, which ensures profit from almost all of this movement. The profit grows before the price reversal. If the reversal occurred earlier than the trailing managed to move into profit, and a loss-making transaction turned out, the deposit recovery function is automatically activated.

To do this, a one-time increase of the lot is performed to compensate for the resulting loss. Most often, the loss is compensated at the next step. In rare cases, several steps are possible, after which the robot returns to normal mode. Anchored Volume Weighted Average Price AVWAP, or Anchored VWAP.

Tells you who is in control, the buyers or the sellers. Better than all other moving averages because it adds weight to the traded volume. This technique was made popular by Brian Shannon of Alphatrends. It is calculated by multiplying typical price by volume, and the dividing by total volume. You get activations! It is very simple to use for your analysis.

Select a number from 1 to 9 on the keyboard. Click the mouse on the chart at the location you have selected to anchor the VWAP. The AVWAP line will be automatically drawn. Select another different number on the keyboard and click the chart in another location to draw another line.

Each number will produce a different coloured line. To clear all the lines, press CNTL control key and click the chart. When you switch timeframes the chart will be clear of previously drawn AVWAP lines. COLORSAll ODD numbers 1,3,5,7,9 are in the GREEN color family.

All EVEN numbers 2,4,6,8 are in the RED color family. This makes it easy to assign VWAP to pivot highs and pivot lows, more visually meaningful. The anchored VWAP. An automated system for sending notifications so that none of your subscribers will miss events about your trade from your trading terminal. A utility that sends notifications to the Telegram messenger about any trading operations on your account.

Filter of magic Numbers sep […]. Strategies are independent of each other. In each, you can select separately: Lot calculation 7 options Closing positions 5 main options and additional ones Up to 10 of any currency pairs and other additional parameters ConstructorMT4 is a good opportunity to test different variants of trading strategies working simultaneously in the tester.

The MT5 version is ConstructorMT5. You can see a visual description of the parameters here. Various options are available to filter or select orders :Conditions : Closing conditions. EA will close orders anytime one or more defined conditions meet. Conditions can be defined based on account properties or selected orders properties. Also a fixed time to close orders is available. You can enter custom symbols separated by comma.

This expert advisor will open and manage trades using a fixed or incremental grid system. Default fixed grid distance is set to 50 pips while the incremental system, if set to true will adjust your grid distance according to the amount of balance in your account from 50 pips down to 10 pips in increments of 10 pips. Magic Number Set to 0 for Manual Trading with Grid — Using this Grid with other EAs must use the same magic number.

Set this to true for a more aggressive system. If you Set to true then use only one pair in one account. If you Set to false can be used for multiple pairs in one account.

Incremental balance for grid distance — The Grid size will automatically adjust from 50 Pips down to 10 pips distance incrementally from this starting amount. Money Management Fixed lots — This will force lot sizes to never change. Lots increment — This will adjust lot sizes incrementally by this value when a trade is losing according to grid distance […].

Arrows have been added to levels and This indicator is accurate for accessing extremes and supports for buy positions, primarily for 1-minute timeframes. You can use other timeframes, but the levels are different. This is the best oscillator and you can compare it with others to see the difference. Intraday trading using neural network concepts. This indicator uses elementary forms of neural networks to generate buy and sell signals.

Use the indicator on minute charts. The indicator does not redraw. Download and run on the tester using minute charts or other charts using different levels, analyze the trades to make sure of this. There are many opportunities to scalp markets. It can be used on higher timeframes, but the levels should be changed at your discretion. Older timeframes have higher ranges. The concept and features of this model:Several indicators are used, weights and 2 data points are applied for the maximum and minimum values.

This indicator is mainly designed for trading on uptrends. Add the and levels for the oscillator in the settings see figure , or othe. Grid Panel Allows you to: Set the number of levels trades. Lot size and you can do Martingale to raise the lot size for each level. Set distance between levels, and you can manage the distance for each level using Distance Q.

Static TP and SL for each level. Close all buy orders. Close all sell orders. Close all winning orders. Close all losing orders. Close all orders. Close all Pending BUY orders. Close all Pending SELL orders. Close all Pending orders. Close buttonsGood lucktrade. EG Advisor, originally ExpandGrid is a collection of grid styles that have been optimized by intensive tests, results from demo and real accounts, and research results and parameter selection.

It comes with default parameters, so the trader does not need to change them to use the Expert Advisor, just throw it on the chart, turn on the style by setting the magic number, and let it play.

This Expert Advisor immediately works with default values, but during its development, flexibility has always been a priority. This means that the trader can change the default values and use different styles at the same time.

A trader has the opportunity, by combining these styles, to create a good complex algorithm that no one has created before. First, the style must be enabled, to do this, set the magic number great. We are proud to present our newest expert advisor developed by our trading specialists and programmers who found the most probable price levels the istitutional firms , banks , hedge funds and other large companies place their orders.

The expert advisor is preset to launch a grid order system at those special levels , using a built-in smart algorithm to detect those leveles. Is fully automated and based on 11 Indicators to filter as many as possible winning trades. The Robot works also on cent accounts. Thank you This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone.

This version of Max has Wick Fill Trend PRO and Wick Fill Reverse PRO. It has a simulator of success rates and a screener for Trend and Reverse indicators. The concept of both indicators -Wick Fill Trend Concept During high volatility in the market, candles tend to create wicks in the way of their movement. The wick in the candle reflects the price deviation.

In most cases, these wicks are filled because a huge volume is moving in this direction. Wick Fill Trend scans these opportunities, focusing on trending markets.

At these levels, the market tends to create candles with massive wick deviations, which are filled at one point if the market resumes moving in the direction of deviation. In addition, this indicator gives the parameter of the minimum and maximum candles for considering reversal wicks, which ultimately give an opportunity that occurred in the past and cannot be specifically at the support-resistance level.

Parameters to choose from Success Rate Simulator Success Rate Simulator Screener Screener Inputs: -Moving Average: This filter is a combination of the moving average indicator and the RSi.

Users have […]. Advisor always trades only one deal. The EA does not use martingale, hedging and a grid of orders. Always uses a short stop loss. Jinkko is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on a strategy of breaking through price levels. The EA does not use indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart.

All trading positions are controlled by a tight stop order, which minimizes the trading drawdown and ensures the safety of the deposit. Profit taking is carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm that allows you to capture the maximum profit. The EA allows you to choose both a fixed trading lot and use an auto lot. For best trading results, it is recommended to use VPS and use the services of a trusted ECN broker with a narrow spread and fast execution of orders. No limits. To get it, please contact me by mql5 message!

Working pair EURUSD H1. Options Trade — trade settings. AutoLots — auto lot mode. Automatic calculation and setting of the lot size. Risk — maximum […]. This tool is designed for serious traders of any trading strategy. My goal is to help trader become successful in their trading business. Thank you! TIMEFRAME This indicator works on all timeframes known. There is no need of worrying about this.

INDICATOR SETTINGS In the input section you can do the following You can minimize, maximize and close the Indicator by just clicking on the respective button on the indicator. You may also choose the interval between levels to solve the issue of clustered lines especially for higher timeframes as weekly and monthly for some pairs.

This indicator works on all timeframes known. In the input section you can do the following […]. Dynamic Oscillator — is advanced custom indicator, efficient Trading tool! New generation of Oscillators — see pictures to check how to use it. Our indicator will provide a spread checker for simultaneous monitoring of the spread of several pairs, as well as a countdown of the candle timer, displaying the remaining time until the current bar closes and a new bar is formed.

Click here. Key Features Track the simultaneous distribution of multiple pairs. Tracks server time, not local time. Customizable text color and font size Optimized to reduce CPU usage Individual list of couples.

Track the simultaneous distribution of multiple pairs. We recommend opening deals in the direction of the arrow that appears. If a blue arrow appears, we open a buy order. If a red arrow appears, we open a sell order. TakeProfit is recommended to put an average of points. We set the stop loss 2 times more than the take profit, or we close the order when a signal appears in the opposite direction. This indicator can also be combined with existing trading systems to confirm signals.

Without redrawing, without delay; Predicts trend changes; Shows the reversal points of the price movement; You can. It is an automatic system, optimized and ready to use. The EA uses averaging of unprofitable positions and martingale if the price goes against the direction. The adviser opens orders in a certain direction, so that in case of an unfavorable development of the market situation, close a series of transactions with a minimal price rollback.

The strategy has performed quite well. This is a scalper, therefore it makes a large number of transactions. This is a fully automatic system, but it can also be used in semi-automatic mode to reduce risks, for example, to disable an expert when important. Following the trend successfully is important for every trader. Underestimating one of these aspects would lead to unstable results.

BEST TIME FRAME: M5. The currency strength indicator for MT4 is an innovative solution for any beginner or experienced trader! This means that you can trade the strength or weakness of any pair, including all currencies, major, minor and exotic, commodities and cryptocurrencies not indices. The Currency Strength indicator for MT4 gives you the opportunity to customize the character buttons according to your personal preferences by adding the pairs you want to follow and trade the most.

This way you will never miss an opportunity because you can get a complete picture of the current market on your chart with just one glance. In addition, you can receive notifications via […]. Fully automated trading system. The Expert Advisor uses market patterns in its algorithm. Price movement in the channel at certain time intervals. The system uses: Determination of price ranges.

Calculation of the volatility of a currency pair to confirm the signal. Dynamic closing levels Spread and Slippage Filter Dynamic calculation of the position volume depending on the current deposit optional Recommended currency pairs:EURUSD,GBPUSD,AUDUSD,AUDCAD,GBPCAD,GBPNZD,GBPAUD,EURNZD Before installing the robot on a real account, it is recommended to conduct a test in the strategy tester.

Before installing the robot on a real account, it is. Gold Growth is an advanced trading algorithm based on the standard and simple Bollinger Bands indicator and trades on Gold as one of the most liquid and popular trading instruments in the world. This allows the Expert Advisor to achieve a large number of profitable trades. The algorithm does. Toggle Search. Best Expert Advisors MT4 Forex Systems Expert Advisors MT4 Indicators MT4 Libraries MT4 Utilities MT4 MT5 Forex Systems Expert Advisors MT5 Indicators MT5 Libraries MT5 Utilities MT5.

Do not change these fields following. December 9, Posted by: Forex Wiki Team Category: Free Forex Indicators 7 Comments. Cluster Algorithm Professional intraday trading tool The tool aims to calculate the strength of the market and then shows potential turning points signalled with small circles. This Content Is Only To Registered Users Please Login To Unlock The Content!

Lost your password? Please rate this Article. Join forexwikitrading on Telegram. Cluster Algorithm Cluster Algorithm Indicator Cluster Algorithm Strategy Intraday Tool intraday trading tool. By default they're off, you can turn them on by going the indicator's settings.

Release Notes: Ignore the updates for April Those were meant for another indicator. Protected script. This script is published closed-source and you may use it freely. You can favorite it to use it on a chart. You cannot view or modify its source code.

This indicator aims to smooth out market swings and aims to predict not only turning points but also aims to show phase one buying and phase two selling.

The tool aims to calculate the strength of the market and then shows potential turning points signalled with small circles. Once the confirmation of the trend has changed, the algorithm signals a large circle, giving the trader the potentially desired entry with a sound alert and pop up. There will be a build up of circles as the entry sets up hence the name Cluster.

This algorithm can be used on either the 1, 5 or 15 min timeframes across all major currency pairs. We believe this tool is perfect for intraday trading and aims to simplify the noise in the market. The user must input the parameters otherwise the algorithm will not perform. Related posts:. Dynamic cycle explorer indicator.

Reversal Diamond v2. BINARY SYSTEM CIRCLE. supergain indicator. Time Freezer. JBR trend indicator - forex trader. FxGhani VSA Study. Multi Indicator Trend. Dynamic Support Resistance VIP Indicator MT4. Stochastic Histogram Mt4 Indicator. Previous Post IceFX. Next Post Trend Navigator Indicator. Private Wealth Robot -Free Unlimited Version. Simple Method MT4 to MT5 code converter Forex.

IQ Option Russian Console 4.

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Samuel & Co. Cluster Algorithm ⋆ Top MT4 Indicators {mq4 & ex4} ⋆ Forex Trading Samuel & Co. Cluster Algorithm If this indicator is broken, 14/07/ · Download an Cluster indicator. Extract from the file rar or zip. Start or restart your Metatrader Client. Select chart and Timeframe where you want to test your indicator. Search 16/01/ · This algorithm can be used on either the 1, 5 or 15 min timeframes across all major currency pairs. We believe this tool is perfect for intraday trading and aims to simplify the noise Download an Cluster indicator. Extract from the file rar or zip. copy Cluster mq4 to Metatrader Directory / experts / indicators / Start or restart your Metatrader Client Select chart and Made for People who 💗 Forex Trading 23/09/ · I made a perfect clone of Samuel Leach's Cluster Algorithm indicator worth pounds in his website. This is the "overlay" part of the indicator. He uses this indicator in his ... read more

The indicator draws arrows on the chart when you need to open an order, shows in which direction you need to open orders, and also sends you a signal notification to your mobile phone. And so the indicator is quite adaptable to other strategies. Weekly High and Low Zone: Determine the breakout of the upper or lower level of the day of the week. Thank you This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. sing volume as a fundamental parameter in the analysis is very common. Styles of graphs can be changed from the indicator settings tab. Green Pips.

i purchased this indi some time ago yet still find it hard to figure out how to use. A volume cluster algorithm mt4 download acquires the Supply status if the volume level closest to it, located to the left and below, has been broken through by a price movement from top to bottom, cluster algorithm mt4 download. This indicator has features to send buy and sell notifications by email and mobile. The indicator displays on the chart the current breakeven lines for buy positions and the line for sell positions. Let us outline the main reasons why it makes sense to use the forex trading robots: — simplification of trading, which is suitable for beginners; — Increase of profitability without additional investments; — Optimization of work processes; — Use of new trading strategies and tools. For all periods of the schedule in the basement as shown in Figure2. It offers many customizable Stochastic trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode.