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Releases: opencontainers/runc,Open Babel 3.1.0

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Added tests to cover ONNX conformance test suite: GSoC - OpenCV. js: Accelerate OpenCV. js DNN via WebNN: Improve CCL with new algorithms and tests: Implement CTC prefix beam search decode for TextRecognitionModel: Python: cv.

Mat wrapper over numpy. Python: support OpenCV extension with pure Python modules: Debugging: Add gdb pretty printer for cv::Mat: Add Quicklook for Mat on iOS and macOS: Add generation of new type of radon checkerboard: highgui: added support for UI backends. video: DaSiamRPN tracker is implemented as OpenCV algorithm. samples: added PaddlePaddle classification model conversion case: core: fix dynamic loading of clBLAS and clFFT: imgproc: improved implementation of rotatedRectangleIntersection: core: added support for parallel backends.

imgproc: added IntelligentScissors implementation JS demo. Wiki page. Improved debugging of TensorFlow parsing errors: Updated documentation to address Wide Universal Intrinsics WUI SIMD API: core: add cuda::Stream constructor with cuda stream flags: highgui: expose VSYNC window property for OpenGL on Win highgui: pollKey implementation for w32 backend: imgcodecs: Added Exif parsing for PNG: imgcodecs: OpenEXR compression options: imgproc: connectedComponents optimizations: Spaghetti Labeling : videoio: Android NDK camera support OpenCV repository reached over 50k stars on GitHub: Thank you to all for your contribution in this great project!

Continued merging of GSoC results:. Develop OpenCV. js DNN modules for promising web use cases together with their tutorials js: WASM SIMD optimization 2. High Level API and Samples for Scene Text Detection and Recognition The samples use the algorithms and the separately downloaded pre-trained models introduced in the following papers:. SIFT: SIMD optimization of GaussianBlur 16U Fixes and optimizations in DNN CUDA backend thanks to YashasSamaga : PRs.

Updated structure of tutorials. Revised installation tutorials content. objdetect: Detection and decoding of curved QR-codes: calib3d: Added SQPnP algorithm to SolvePnP: stitching: add warpPointBackward to warpers: stitching: support similarity masks: OpenJPEG replaces Jasper in distributed Windows packages: Our partner, OpenAI Lab, have further improved performance of OpenCV DNN on ARM using their new "Tengine lite", lighter-weight reimplementation of Tengine in C.

Added Python bindings for the general G-API , inference and streaming support are currently in progress. Introduced serialization API, currently limited. A graph can be serialized to a byte stream std::vector and then reconstructed back to a cv::GComputation object. Added "mask", extended "convertTo" with 16S, also added performance tests on Core kernels for the Fluid backend.

Added standard NN post-processing operations like parseYolo and parseSSD to turn NN results into a structured graph-based data format e. Introduced a new graph data type cv::GFrame and its data storage type cv::MediaFrame to start handling media-oriented formats like NV12 or YUV images with external memory in the graph.

Improved build scripts to support for Apple Silicon by Giles Payne : Summer update for OpenCV 4. State-of-art Yolo v4 Detector: Disabled per-layer NMS for [yolo] layers Yolo v3 and Yolo v4 as incorrect - use cv::dnn::NMSBoxes over all the detections.

Many fixes and optimizations in CUDA backend thanks to YashasSamaga : PRs. Add Stroke Width Transform algorithm for Text Detection: Planned migration on Apache 2 license for next releases OE ONNX: LSTM , Broadcasting , Algebra over constants , Slice with multiple inputs.

Clothes parts segmentation and CP-VTON. added support for custom layers through nGraph OpenVINO API: nGraph OpenVINO API is used by default: OPEN AI LAB team submitted the patch that accelerates OpenCV DNN on ARM using their Tengine library:.

Here are the installation instructions. IPP -ICV library with CPU optimizations has been updated to version calib3d: findChessboardCornersSB improvements: calib3d: updated documentation for RT matrices: core: improved getNumberOfCPUs : It has much better recall and precision. highgui Qt : added Copy to clipboard: dnn: TensorFlow, Darknet and ONNX importers improvements by ashishkrshrivastava : PRs.

help materials: OpenCV Cheat Sheet in Python: Integrated GSoC project with CUDA backend: Enabled in-graph inference: Extended execution model with streaming support: Decoding, image processing, inference, and post-processing are now pipelined efficiently when processing a video stream with G-API. Added tutorials covering these new features: Face analytics pipeline and a sample Face beautification algorithm. VideoCapture: waitAny API for camera input multiplexing Video4Linux through poll calls.

Implementation of Thread Local Storage TLS has been improved to release data from terminated threads. API has been changed. Python conversion rules of passed arguments will be updated in next releases: High-level API which introduces dnn::Model class and set of task-specific classes such dnn::ClassificationModel , dnn::DetectionModel , dnn::SegmentationModel.

It supports automatic pre- and post-processing for deep learning networks. There are Convolution, BatchNorm, Pooling, Eltwise layers implemented. Check Action recognition sample. Asynchornous inference support. Deep learning networks visualization diagrams using dot files cv::dnn::Net::dumpToFile. A lot of C API from OpenCV 1. x has been removed.

The affected modules are objdetect, photo, video, videoio, imgcodecs, calib3d. For now base64 support is not complete only loading baseencoded XML and YAML is supported, encoding is not supported at all. Also, the random access of sequences stored in a FileNode is now a slow O N operation vs. fast O 1 in the previous implementation; use cv::FileNodeIterator for much faster sequential access. On the positive side, the loaded FileStorage 's take x less memory than in the previous implementation.

Note that OpenCV 3. Now this is the only option so the flag is not needed and is not available anymore. Added support for Mask-RCNN model. Follow a guide and use a python sample. Integrated ONNX parser. We now support many popular classification networks. YOLO object detection network in partially supported as well ONNX version of YOLO lacks some final layers that actually give you the list of rectangles. Thanks to Lubov Batanina for her first-time contribution to OpenCV!

Further improved performance of DNN module when it's built with Intel DLDT support by utilizing more layers from DLDT. By the way, DLDT has been recently released as open-source. See the guide how to build and use OpenCV with DLDT support. API changes: by default, blobFromImage methods family do not swap red and blue channels and do not crop the input image. Beware that this API change has also been propagated to OpenCV 3.

Thanks to Zhiwen Wu and Juan J. Zhao for the contribution! Added shortcuts for the most popular deep learning networks supported by OpenCV. You may specify an alias name of model to skip pre-processing parameters and even paths to models! In example, instead of. Fixed OpenCL acceleration on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. This is a mantenance release. New features are landed in OpenCV 4.

x development is switched from "master" to "3. x releases. We will merge changes from "3. Added support for quantized TensorFlow networks. We are now able to load 8-bit matrices of weights. The computations are still done in FP32 with plans to add FP16 path , but even now it's possible to compress the networks so that they consume less disk space.

For example, our face detector can be modified to read and use our 8-bit quantized ResNet-based face detection network pass it and this description file into cv::dnn::readNetFromTensorFlow. And the face detection network takes just 2. OpenCV is now able to use Intel DL inference engine as DNN acceleration backend. It gives quite noticeable performance boost on many models:. Added AVX acceleration to the performance-critical kernels, such as convolution and fully-connected layers.

SSD-based models trained and retrained in TensorFlow Object Detection API can be easier imported by a single invocation of python script making a text graph representation. Read a wiki page for details. That let us to increase performance of DNN inference quite significantly up to 6x on such machines. OpenCL backend has been expanded to cover more layers. The layer fusion has also been improved to increase the speed even further.

Several bugs in various layers have been fixed; in particular, SSD priors are now computed slightly differently so that we can more accurate bounding boxes when running SSD on variable-size images. The results of yet another GSoC OpenCV project on implementing new background subtraction algorithms have been integrated.

See the example for details. The partial Darknet parser, enough to parse YOLO models, as well as the layers to support a few variations of YOLO object detection networks have been integrated. See the corresponding sample. Preliminary support for FP16 networks has been added. We do not do computations in FP16 yet, we convert FP16 coeffs to FP32 when loading the networks. In the case of Caffe we rely on the following fork , whereas in the case of TF we use the official version.

Several new layers have been added to support text detection, image colorization and some other networks. OpenCV has been optimised for PPC64 bit PowerPC architecture by mapping the universal intrinsics to VSX. Big thanks to Sayed Adel for the patches. OpenCL acceleration path of the bioinspired module has been restored. On Iris Pro HD we get ~5x acceleration over the CPU branch. The regression tests have been expanded, some new tests have been added.

Now, there are 46 of them. Many bugs have been fixed in Torch and TF loaders, as well as in some processing layers. Now we check that on a certain set of networks the results from OpenCV DNN match or very close to the results from the original frameworks.

We also check that the results claimed in the papers for such networks are achievable with OpenCV DNN. Performance has been substantially improved. Layer fusion has been implemented and some performance-critical layers have been optimized using AVX, AVX2, SSE and NEON.

An external BLAS OpenBLAS, MKL, ATLAS is not needed anymore. The optional Halide backend has been added. It can accelerate OpenCV DNN on GPU when the GPU is fast enough. See Deep Learning in OpenCV for details about the module. Encoding and decoding of raw H. In some cases kernel recompilation will be needed. Long-awaited update to OpenCV 3.

x release series, with tons of improvements and bug fixes. Big thanks to everyone who particpated! If you contributed something but your name is missing, please, let us know. This is the first stabilization update in 3. x series. It shall be reminded that since OpenCV 3. Preliminary version of OpenCV HAL, low-level acceleration API beneath OpenCV, has been introduced. Currently it includes just a few math functions, but will grow soon.

For example,. Using such intrinsics one can write accelerated code, debug it on desktop and then run it without any changes on ARM and get reasonable performance. This is brief version of the change log. Also, big thanks to all the Itseez guys who reviewed patches, watched bug reports and helped OpenCV in many other ways: Alexander Shishkov who also maintains opencv.

org site , Andrey Pavlenko, Alexander Alekhin, Alexander Smorkalov, Roman Donchenko, Kirill Kornyakov, Andrey Kamaev, Sergey Sivolgin, Vladimir Bystritsky, Sergey Nosov, Nikita Manovich, Evgeniy Talanin, Elena Gvozdeva, Alexander Karsakov, Konstantin Matskevich, Ilya Lavrenov, Anna Kogan, Ivan Korolev, Dinar Ahmatnurov, Andrey Senin, Vlad Vinogradov, Alexey Spizhevoy, Anatoly Baksheev, Marina Kolpakova, Daniil Osokin, Leonid Beynenson, Dmitry Retinsky, Maria Dimashova, Ilya Lysenkov, Andrey Morozov, Victor Eruhimov, Alexander Bovyrin, Sergey Molinov, Gary Bradski, Vincent Rabaud, Harris Gasparakis, Stefano Fabri and many others.

x , you will need to update your code. To lower the footprint, highgui module has been split into 3 parts: imgcodecs, videoio and highgui itself thanks to Vladimir. You may need to update your code. We will fix it by OpenCV 3. New VTK-based 3D visualization module viz stabilized and back-ported to 2. The module provides a very convenient way to display and position clouds, meshes, cameras and trajectories, and simple widgets cube, line, circle, etc.

Full demo video can be found at Itseez Youtube channel. As usual, we created 2. You can check this branch for changes periodically, before as well as after 2. At the age of 12, OpenCV got its own home! org will be the official OpenCV user site. Some of the old functionality from the modules imgproc , video , calib3d , features2d , objdetect has been moved to legacy.

unknown error: DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist I am getting this killed instead of crashed now. hope this helps someone. this worked for me on Ubuntu com' print 'test' driver. answered May 19, at dataviews dataviews 2, 5 5 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 60 60 bronze badges.

answered Jan 15, at ibaralf ibaralf 12k 4 4 gold badges 45 45 silver badges 68 68 bronze badges. Another way to fix this is to not run the process within the container as root. This is better from a security perspective, anyway. This sample code worked on my end: from selenium import webdriver from selenium.

answered Jun 25, at Ethan Hill Ethan Hill 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. isnt, using --no--sandbox option a security issue? For RobotFramework I solved it! ChromeOptions sys, selenium. answered Sep 19, at Panup Pong Panup Pong 1, 2 2 gold badges 22 22 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. i am also facing the same problem but was a little confused regarding your above comment.

can you please help. my current code is SeleniumLibrary. so i replace this line with your statements? If you close all tabs and run again, the error should clear up.

edited Jan 15, at Bob Dalgleish 8, 4 4 gold badges 31 31 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. answered Jan 7, at tugce ozgur oztetik tugce ozgur oztetik 41 3 3 bronze badges. So, the problem was resolved running my selenium test without opening a browser window, headless: opts.

answered Mar 20, at Rogelio Triviño Rogelio Triviño 5, 3 3 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. answered May 11, at Carter Carter 49 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. The solutions that every body provide here is good for Clear the face of the issue but All you need to solve this problem is that You have to run The App on non-root user on linux. answered Apr 27, at Soroosh Gholami Soroosh Gholami 3 3 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges. answered Apr 17 at Vala Khosravi Vala Khosravi 2, 3 3 gold badges 19 19 silver badges 46 46 bronze badges.

It solved the issue I was having; not elegantly but it works. from selenium import webdriver from selenium. exceptions import WebDriverException try: self. answered Aug 20, at The Stevie T The Stevie T 19 1 1 bronze badge. a7 works fine, only in linux, windows fine. I came across this error on linux environment. If not using headless then you will need from sys import platform if platform!

answered Aug 10, at Kevin Smeeks Kevin Smeeks 10 10 bronze badges. edited May 29, at answered May 29, at klapshin klapshin 6 6 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges.

Found similar solution in the clone question, this also may help stackoverflow. Just do not run the script as the root user in my case. answered Feb 24 at AMMAR ELHAMDO AMMAR ELHAMDO 4 4 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. answered Jan 6, at Ediz Yurek Ediz Yurek 1. Ahmed Al-yamany Ahmed Al-yamany 1. In my case, chrome was broken.

following two lines fixed the issue, apt -y update; apt -y upgrade; apt -y dist-upgrade apt --fix-broken install. answered May 26, at Dileep Dileep 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 11 11 bronze badges. answered Dec 3, at answered Jul 30 at Fabrizio Fabrizio 21 3 3 bronze badges. This does not provide an answer to the question. Once you have sufficient reputation you will be able to comment on any post ; instead, provide answers that don't require clarification from the asker.

answered Jun 23, at Ashlesha Waikos Ashlesha Waikos 7 1 1 bronze badge. Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged python selenium google-chrome selenium-webdriver selenium-chromedriver or ask your own question.

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This is the fourth patch release in the 1. z series of runc, primarily fixing a regression introduced in 1. It also fixes a few other bugs. The runc binary distributed with this release are statically linked with the following GNU LGPL The versions of these libraries were not modified from their upstream versions, but in order to comply with the LGPL However we strongly suggest that you make use of your distribution's packages or download them from the authoritative upstream sources, especially since these libraries are related to the security of your containers.

This is the third release of the 1. z series of runc, and contains various minor improvements and bugfixes. This is the second patch release of the runc 1. It fixes CVE , a minor security issue which appears to not be exploitable related to process capabilities. This is a similar bug to the ones found and fixed in Docker and containerd recently CVE This release only contains very minor changes from v1.

y release series of runc. We do not plan to make any new releases of the 1. y release series of runc, so users are strongly encouraged to update to 1.

This release is the first release candidate for the next minor release following runc 1. It contains all of the bugfixes included in runc 1. A fair few new features have been added, and several features have been deprecated with plans for removal in runc 1. At the moment we only plan to do a single release candidate for runc 1. z runc branch. This is the third stable release in the 1. This release is expected to be the last point release in the 1. A potential vulnerability was discovered in runc related to an internal usage of netlink , however upon further investigation we discovered that while this bug was exploitable on the master branch of runc, no released version of runc could be exploited using this bug.

The exploit required being able to create a netlink attribute with a length that would overflow a uint16 but this was not possible in any released version of runc. For more information, see GHSA-v95c-p5hm-xq8f and CVE Due to an abundance of caution we decided to do an emergency release with this fix, but to reiterate we do not believe this vulnerability was possible to exploit. Thanks to Felix Wilhelm from Google Project Zero for discovering and reporting this vulnerability so quickly.

This is the second stable release in the 1. This is the first stable release in the 1. This release has quite a few last-minute bug-fixes and various correctness and performance improvements almost all of which are related to cgroup handling , and is the first non-rc release of runc in 5 years v1. It's been a very long road, and we thank the many contributors and maintainers that helped us get to this point approximately people in total.

As runc follows Semantic Versioning, we will endeavor to not make any breaking changes without bumping the major version number of runc. However, it should be noted that Go API usage of runc's internal implementation libcontainer is not covered by this policy -- for historical reasons, this code was not moved into an "internal" package this feature did not exist in Go at the time and because certain projects currently depend on this, we have not yet moved this code into an internal package.

Despite this, we reserve the right to make breaking changes in our Go APIs though we will note such changes in our changelog, and will try to avoid needless disruption if possible. Skip to content. Star 9. runc 1. The key was revoked after the commit was signed. cyphar Aleksa Sarai. GPG key ID: 9D94BB9D Revoked. AkihiroSuda Akihiro Suda. GPG key ID: C6F9FF1A. Fix mounting via wrong proc fd. When the user and mount namespaces are used, and the bind mount is followed by the cgroup mount in the spec, the cgroup was mounted using the bind mount's mount fd.

Due to a regression in v1. Thanks to all of the contributors who made this release possible: Akihiro Suda akihiro. cz hco. jp Aleksa Sarai cyphar cyphar. com guodong guodong gmail. com Kir Kolyshkin kolyshkin gmail. com Mrunal Patel mrunal me. com Signed-off-by: Aleksa Sarai cyphar cyphar.

Assets 19 libseccomp Source code zip. Source code tar. Show all 19 assets. Our seccomp -ENOSYS stub now correctly handles multiplexed syscalls on s and sx. This solves the issue where syscalls the host kernel did not support would return -EPERM despite the existence of the -ENOSYS stub code this was due to how sx does syscall multiplexing. com CrazyMax crazy-max users.

com Erik Sjölund erik. sjolund gmail. com Irwin D'Souza dsouzai. gh gmail. com Kang Chen kongchen28 gmail. com Sebastiaan van Stijn thaJeztah users. Assets kolyshkin Kir Kolyshkin. GPG key ID: 17DE5ECB75AE. A bug was found in runc where runc exec --cap executed processes with non-empty inheritable Linux process capabilities, creating an atypical Linux environment. For more information, see GHSA-f3fp-gc8g-vw66 and CVE runc spec no longer sets any inheritable capabilities in the created example OCI spec config.

json file. Static Linking Notices The runc binary distributed with this release are statically linked with the following GNU LGPL com lifubang lifubang acmcoder. com Markus Lehtonen markus. lehtonen intel. com Signed-off-by: Kir Kolyshkin kolyshkin gmail. Changed: libcontainer will now refuse to build without the nsenter package being correctly compiled specifically this requires CGO to be enabled. This should avoid folks accidentally creating broken runc binaries and incorrectly importing our internal libraries into their projects.

Thanks to the following people who made this release possible: Akihiro Suda akihiro. GetHugePageSizes has been removed entirely, and been replaced with cgroup.

HugePageSizes which is more efficient. GetIntelRdtPath has been removed. Users who were using this function to get the intelrdt root should use the new intelrdt. Root instead. This may help in distinguishing between runc exec failures such as invalid options, non-running container or non-existent binary etc. and failures of the command being executed. This might be useful to check the state e.

of cgroup controllers after the container has exited. This allows users to create sophisticated seccomp filters where syscalls can be efficiently emulated by privileged processes on the host. Static builds for said architectures will be available for all future releases. Note that this does not permit the container any additional access to the host filesystem, it simply allows containers to have bind-mounts configured for paths the user can access but have restrictive access control settings for other users.

These have the same names as the proposed mount 8 options -- just prepend r to the option name such as rro. This includes critical information such as supported mount flags, hook names, and so on. Note that the output of this command is subject to change and will not be considered stable until runc 1. Cgroup structure fields : Systemd whether to use systemd cgroup manager ; and Rootless whether to use rootless cgroups. This allows to use any cgroup manager method e.

Exists, Destroy, Set, GetStats right after instantiation, which was not possible before as paths were initialized in Apply only. cgroup: improve openat2 handling for cgroup directory handle hardening.

Releases: openbabel/openbabel,runc 1.1.3 -- "In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded."

WebClickHouse release , Changelog ClickHouse release , Upgrade Notes. Fixed backward incompatibility in (de)serialization of states of min, max, any*, argMin, argMax aggregate functions with String argument. The incompatibility affects , and branches (fixed since , and WebThe Diamond Level of membership represents the ideal EzineArticles Expert Author and is the highest level of authorship that can be obtained on EzineArticles. Diamond Level Membership is our way of making sure that the ideal Expert Authors stand out. It represents an author who: Writes only original works Web30/09/ · Find stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Webgit shortlog --no-merges -ns 58 Alexander Alekhin 19 Andrey Senyaev 11 Suleyman TURKMEN 10 Anna Khakimova 10 Maksim Shabunin 9 rogday 8 Anatoliy Talamanov 7 Vadim Levin 7 Vincent Rabaud 6 Aleksei Trutnev 6 Sergey Ivanov 4 Victor 4 Yuantao Feng 4 Zihao Mu 3 Dmitry Budnikov 3 Kataev Victor 3 Kumataro 3 Pierre WebDownload the best royalty free images from Shutterstock, including photos, vectors, and illustrations. Enjoy straightforward pricing and simple licensing WebMDL SDF: Option to write out an ASCII depiction as a property (Noel O'Boyle) mmCIF: Improved mmCIF reading (Patrick Fuller) mmCIF: Support for atom occupancy and atom_type (Kirill Okhotnikov) Mol2: Option to read UCSF Dock scores (Maciej Wójcikowski) MOPAC: Read z-matrix data and parse (and prefer) ESP charges (Geoff Hutchison) ... read more

Clothes parts segmentation and CP-VTON. Revised installation tutorials content. Assets 3. Such redundant rules are now skipped. Other changes and fixes: Moved GKernelPackage into cv:: namespace by default, its cv::gapi:: alias remain for compatibility: ; Moved Resize kernel from core to imgproc kernel packages for CPU, OpenCL, and Fluid backends:

json file. com Markus Lehtonen markus. Introduced a new graph data type cv::GFrame and its data storage type cv::MediaFrame to start handling media-oriented formats like NV12 or YUV images with external memory in maksim binary option graph, maksim binary option. Changed: libcontainer will now refuse to build without the nsenter package being correctly compiled specifically this requires CGO to be enabled. Assuming that you already downloaded chromeDriver, this error is also occurs when already multiple chrome tabs are open. When the user and mount namespaces are used, and the bind mount is followed by the cgroup mount in the spec, the cgroup was mounted using the bind mount's mount fd.