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ts-node also respects your locally-installed typescript version, but global installations fallback to the globally-installed typescript.

If you are unsure which versions are used, ts-node -vv will log them. It is important to differentiate between errors from ts-node, errors from the TypeScript compiler, and errors from node.

It is also important to understand when errors are caused by a type error in your code, a bug in your code, or a flaw in your configuration. Type errors from the compiler are thrown as a TSError. These are the same as errors you get from tsc. Any error that is not a TSError is from node. SyntaxError , and cannot be fixed by TypeScript or ts-node. These are bugs in your code or configuration. Your version of node may not support all JavaScript syntax supported by TypeScript.

The compiler must transform this syntax via "downleveling," which is controlled by the tsconfig "target" option. Otherwise your code will compile fine, but node will throw a SyntaxError. For example, node 12 does not understand the?. optional chaining operator. If you use "target": "esnext" , then the following TypeScript syntax:.

When you try to run this code, node 12 will throw a SyntaxError. To fix this, you must switch to "target": "es" or lower so TypeScript transforms?. into something node can understand. This error is thrown by node when a module is require d, but node believes it should execute as native ESM.

This can happen for a few reasons:. This error is thrown by node when a module has an unrecognized file extension, or no extension at all, and is being executed as native ESM.

ts-node does not eagerly load files , include or exclude by default. This is because a large majority of projects do not use all of the files in a project directory e. ts , runtime vs tests and parsing every file for types slows startup time. Instead, ts-node starts with the script file e. ts-node index. ts and TypeScript resolves dependencies based on imports and references. Occasionally, this optimization leads to missing types.

Fortunately, there are other ways to include them in typechecking. For global definitions, you can use the typeRoots compiler option. This requires that your type definitions be structured as type packages not loose TypeScript definition files. More details on how this works can be found in the TypeScript Handbook. For module definitions, you can use paths :. Another option is triple-slash directives.

This may be helpful if you prefer not to change your compilerOptions or structure your type definitions for typeRoots. Below is an example of a triple-slash directive as a relative path within your project:. If none of the above work, and you must use files , include , or exclude , enable our files option. If execution fails, enable skipIgnore.

It is often better to typecheck as part of your tests or linting. You can run tsc --noEmit to do this. In these cases, ts-node can skip typechecking, making it much faster. ts-node works by registering hooks for. tsx ,. jsx extensions. Vanilla node loads.

js by reading code from disk and executing it. Our hook runs in the middle, transforming code from TypeScript to JavaScript and passing the result to node for execution. This transformation will respect your tsconfig. json as if you had compiled via tsc. We also register a few other hooks to apply sourcemaps to stack traces and remap from. js imports to. ts-node transforms certain files and ignores others.

We refer to this mechanism as "scoping. An ignored file can still be executed by node. Ignoring a file means we do not transform it from TypeScript into JavaScript, but it does not prevent execution. If a file requires transformation but is ignored, node may either fail to resolve it or attempt to execute it as vanilla JavaScript.

This may cause syntax errors or other failures, because node does not understand TypeScript type syntax nor bleeding-edge ECMAScript features. js and. jsx are only transformed when allowJs is enabled. tsx and. jsx are only transformed when jsx is enabled. When ts-node is used with allowJs , all non-ignored JavaScript files are transformed by ts-node. If a compiled JavaScript file with the same name as a TypeScript file already exists, the TypeScript file will be ignored.

ts-node will import the pre-compiled JavaScript. To force ts-node to import the TypeScript source, not the precompiled JavaScript, use --preferTsExts.

Our scope and scopeDir options will limit transformation to files within a directory. Our ignore option will ignore files matching one or more regular expressions. You can use ts-node together with tsconfig-paths to load modules according to the paths section in tsconfig. The official TypeScript Handbook explains the intended purpose for "paths" in "Additional module resolution flags".

The TypeScript compiler has a set of additional flags to inform the compiler of transformations that are expected to happen to the sources to generate the final output. It is important to note that the compiler will not perform any of these transformations; it just uses these pieces of information to guide the process of resolving a module import to its definition file.

This means "paths" are intended to describe mappings that the build tool or runtime already performs, not to tell the build tool or runtime how to resolve modules. In other words, they intend us to write our imports in a way node already understands. For this reason, ts-node does not modify node 's module resolution behavior to implement "paths" mappings. Some projects require a patched typescript compiler which adds additional features.

For example, ttypescript and ts-patch add the ability to configure custom transformers. These are drop-in replacements for the vanilla typescript module and implement the same API. For example, to use ttypescript and ts-transformer-keys , add this to your tsconfig. json :. ts-node supports third-party transpilers as plugins. Transpilers such as swc can transform TypeScript into JavaScript much faster than the TypeScript compiler.

You will still benefit from ts-node's automatic tsconfig. json discovery, sourcemap support, and global ts-node CLI. Plugins automatically derive an appropriate configuration from your existing tsconfig. json which simplifies project boilerplate. For our purposes, a compiler implements TypeScript's API and can perform typechecking. A third-party transpiler does not. Both transform TypeScript into JavaScript. The transpiler option allows using third-party transpiler plugins with ts-node.

transpiler must be given the name of a module which can be require d. To write your own transpiler plugin, check our API docs. Plugins are require d by ts-node, so they can be a local script or a node module published to npm.

The module must export a create function described by our TranspilerModule interface. create is invoked by ts-node at startup to create one or more transpiler instances.

The instances are used to transform TypeScript into JavaScript. Wherever possible, it is recommended to use TypeScript's NodeNext or Node16 mode instead of the options described in this section. Setting "module": "NodeNext" and using the. cts file extension should work well for most projects. When deciding how a file should be compiled and executed -- as either CommonJS or native ECMAScript module -- ts-node matches node and tsc behavior.

This means TypeScript files are transformed according to your tsconfig. json "module" option and executed according to node's rules for the package. Set "module": "NodeNext" and everything should work.

In rare cases, you may need to override this behavior for some files. For example, some tools read a name-of-tool. ts and require that file to execute as CommonJS. If you have package. json configured with "type": "module" and tsconfig.

json with "module": "esnext" , the config is native ECMAScript by default and will raise an error. You will need to force the config and any supporting scripts to execute as CommonJS. In these situations, our moduleTypes option can override certain files to be CommonJS or ESM.

Similar overriding is possible by using. mts ,. cts ,. cjs and. mjs file extensions. moduleTypes achieves the same effect for. ts and. js files, and also overrides your tsconfig. json "module" config appropriately. Each key is a glob pattern with the same syntax as tsconfig's "include" array. When multiple patterns match the same file, the last pattern takes precedence.

Files with an overridden module type are transformed with the same limitations as isolatedModules. This will only affect rare cases such as using const enum s with preserveConstEnums disabled. This feature is meant to facilitate scenarios where normal compilerOptions and package. json configuration is not possible. For example, a webpack. ts cannot be given its own package.

json to override "type". Wherever possible you should favor using traditional package. json and tsconfig. json configurations. ts-node's complete API is documented here: API Docs. ts-node focuses on adding first-class TypeScript support to node.

Watching files and code reloads are out of scope for the project. If you want to restart the ts-node process on file change, existing node. js tools such as nodemon , onchange and node-dev work. There's also ts-node-dev , a modified version of node-dev using ts-node for compilation that will restart the process on file change.

Note that ts-node-dev is incompatible with our native ESM loader. Assuming you are configuring AVA via your package. json , add one of the following configurations. Use this configuration if your package.

json does not have "type": "module". This configuration is necessary if your package. json has "type": "module". Create a new Node. Note: --watch-extensions is only used in --watch mode. ts-node is licensed under the MIT license. ts-node includes source code from Node. js which is licensed under the MIT license. js license information. ts-node includes source code from the TypeScript compiler which is licensed under the Apache License 2.

TypeScript license information. Skip to content. Star TypeScript execution and REPL for node. js typestrong. MIT license. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

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Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. Please sign in to use Codespaces. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. It JIT transforms TypeScript into JavaScript, enabling you to directly execute TypeScript on Node.

js without precompiling. This is accomplished by hooking node's module loading APIs, enabling it to be used seamlessly alongside other Node. js tools and libraries. Tip: Installing modules locally allows you to control and share the versions through package. ts-node will always resolve the compiler from cwd before checking relative to its own installation.

To write scripts with maximum portability, specify options in your tsconfig. json and omit them from the shebang. Including options within the shebang requires the env -S flag , which is available on recent versions of env.

This can be combined with other node flags. This tells any node processes which receive this environment variable to install ts-node 's hooks before executing other code. If you are invoking node directly, you can avoid the environment variable and pass those flags to node. You can require ts-node and register the loader for future requires by using require 'ts-node'.

ts-node supports a variety of options which can be specified via tsconfig. json , as CLI flags, as environment variables, or programmatically. ts-node automatically finds and loads tsconfig. Most ts-node options can be specified in a "ts-node" object using their programmatic, camelCase names. Use --skipProject to skip loading the tsconfig. Use --project to explicitly specify the path to a tsconfig. When searching, it is resolved using the same search behavior as tsc. By default, this search is performed relative to the entrypoint script.

Our bundled JSON schema lists all compatible options. As a convenience, these are bundled with ts-node. If no tsconfig. In those cases we will use an older default configuration. When in doubt, ts-node --showConfig will log the configuration being used, and ts-node -vv will log node and typescript versions. node flags must be passed directly to node ; they cannot be passed to the ts-node binary nor can they be specified in tsconfig.

All command-line flags support both --camelCase and --hyphen-case. Most options can be declared in your tsconfig. json: Configuration via tsconfig. ts-node supports --print -p , --eval -e , --require -r and --interactive -i similar to the node.

js CLI. ts-node supports --project and --showConfig similar to the tsc CLI. Prints the version. Note the uppercase -P. Resolve config relative to the current directory instead of the directory of the entrypoint script. Print resolved tsconfig. json , including ts-node options, and exit. Load files , include and exclude from tsconfig. json on startup. This may avoid certain typechecking failures.

See Missing types for details. Default: process. Emit output files into. ts-node directory. Requires --compilerHost. Scope compiler to files within scopeDir. Anything outside this directory is ignored. Default: First of: tsconfig.

json "rootDir" if specified, directory containing tsconfig. json , or cwd if no tsconfig. json is loaded. Override the module type of certain files, ignoring the package. json "type" field. See Module type overrides for details. Default: obeys package. json "type" and tsconfig. json "module" Can only be specified via tsconfig. json or API. Disable top-level await in REPL. Equivalent to node's --no-experimental-repl-await.

Default: Enabled if TypeScript version is 3. For details, see Default: false , but will likely be enabled by default in a future version Can only be specified via tsconfig. Like node's --experimental-specifier-resolution , but can also be set in your tsconfig. json for convenience. Requires esm to be enabled.

The API includes additional options not shown here. SWC support is built-in via the --swc flag or "swc": true tsconfig option. SWC is a TypeScript-compatible transpiler implemented in Rust.

This makes it an order of magnitude faster than vanilla transpileOnly. TypeScript is almost always written using modern import syntax, but it is also transformed before being executed by the underlying runtime. You can choose to either transform to CommonJS or to preserve the native import syntax, using node's native ESM support. Configuration is different for each.

Transforming to CommonJS is typically simpler and more widely supported because it is older. You must remove "type": "module" from package. json and set "module": "CommonJS" in tsconfig. If you must keep "module": "ESNext" for tsc , webpack, or another build tool, you can set an override for ts-node.

Node's ESM loader hooks are experimental and subject to change. ts-node's ESM support is as stable as possible, but it relies on APIs which node can and will break in new versions of node. Thus it is not recommended for production. For complete usage, limitations, and to provide feedback, see You must set "type": "module" in package.

json and "module": "ESNext" in tsconfig. You must also ensure node is passed --loader. The ts-node CLI will do this automatically with our esm option. Note: --esm must spawn a child process to pass it --loader. This may change if node adds the ability to install loader hooks into the current process.

ts-node uses sensible default configurations to reduce boilerplate while still respecting tsconfig. json if you have one. If you are unsure which configuration is used, you can log it with ts-node --showConfig. This is similar to tsc --showConfig but includes "ts-node" options as well.

ts-node also respects your locally-installed typescript version, but global installations fallback to the globally-installed typescript.

neuecc/Utf8Json,Latest commit

WebDefinitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#.NET,.NET Core, Unity and Xamarin), this serializer write/read directly to UTF8 binary so boostup performance. And I adopt the same architecture as the fastest binary serializer, MessagePack for C# that I've developed. This benchmark is convert object to UTF8 and UTF8 to object WebRésidence officielle des rois de France, le château de Versailles et ses jardins comptent parmi les plus illustres monuments du patrimoine mondial et constituent la plus complète réalisation de l’art français du XVIIe siècle WebDirectory within which compiler is limited when scope is enabled.. Default: First of: "rootDir" if specified, directory containing, or cwd if no is loaded. Environment: TS_NODE_SCOPE_DIR moduleTypes. Override the module type of certain files, ignoring the "type" field. See Module type WebIt is because the msgpack is used as based on JSON (I think). So you need to use Array format for JSON array, and Map for Json Object. To achieve that, there are several ways. use to_array or to_map to convert to simple structure; use serialize() or deserialize() with arr_size_t / map_size_t for complex structure; use custom class as JSON array / object Web原创 Python量化交易实战教程汇总. B站配套视频教程观看设计适合自己并能适应市场的交易策略,才是量化交易的灵魂课程亲手带你设计并实现两种交易策略,快速培养你的策略思维能力择时策略:通过这个策略学会如何利用均线,创建择时策略,优化股票买入卖出的时间点。 Web24/10/ · headerText: Sets the text at the top of the flow panel (optional) runFlowButtonText: Sets the text of the primary button in the flow panel (optional) customCardProps. Add a custom card to the element, that shows up on hover or click event. Following customization is available - "formatter": JSON object that defines formatting ... read more

XML files can have a wide variation in textual form, while representing precisely the same data. Language matching does not interact with the fallback of resources within the locale-parent chain. MPack outperforms all JSON and MessagePack libraries except CWPack , and in some tests MPack is several times faster than RapidJSON for equivalent data. If you want to use IDL, I recommend Google. This is the best case for localization. Yoshifumi Kawai a. For example, use Utf8Json for Web API formatter and use MessagePack for C for Redis.

At the script or region level, the "primary" child locale will be empty, since its parent will contain all of the appropriate resources for it. Git stats commits. To allow for use of extensions, CLDR extends that minimum to for Unicode locale identifiers. This benchmarking suite compares the performance of MPack to other implementations of schemaless serialization formats. While the way of defining an Item using the graphical, optional field tag binary formatter c, interactive UI is different, the elements and the nature of an Item definition are identical using either method.